P3M3® Model

This version of the Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3) is fully updated to take into account the latest knowledge and best practice in portfolio, programme and project management, including other tools such as Gateways, as well as extensive feedback on the previous model.

It is compatible with the previous version of P3M3, so if your organization has already had assessments based on that version, you can move seamlessly to applying this version and will be able to see the impact of any current improvement plans reflected in future assessments under the revised model. Equally, it applies to organizations new to maturity models that wish to adopt this approach to performance and capability measurement.

This version has also been overhauled in three main ways:

  • it is written in plainer English, with a user-friendly layout, making it easier to read and understand
  • maturity in different areas or major processes can be assessed individually or together
  • maturity in portfolio, programme and project management can be assessed independently of each other, making it suitable for businesses at all stages of development.

P3M3 Model Terms and Conditions

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